No 8.  Mrs. Ledbetter Leaves The Iron Out


On a blustery morning Mrs. Ledbetter is in a rush and leaves the iron out which leads the Insideouters to an adventure climbing up the iron's cord to the work surface above the washing machine. Oh no! There is trouble ahead and the Insideouters are in danger. Will they make it back to the safety of the washing machine? Read on.


No 9.  Peter The Penguin Saves The Day.


Peter the Penguin is a swimming pool repair penguin and he has been given the job of fixing Mr and Mrs Bobble’s pool at the bottom of the tumble dryer. Peter gets lost on his way to the tumble dryer and knocks on the Insideouters front door. They become good friends and go for a spin in the washing machine, but danger lurks on a fast spin and someone is in trouble. Can Peter save the day?


No 10.  William the Gentle Wasp.

William is a gentle Wasp. Today he is very upset as when flying around the Ledbetter's Kitchen Mr. Ledbetter tried to hit him with a rolled up newspaper. So William hides in the washing machine where he is found by the Insideouters. William accompanies them on a kitchen adventure. Unfortunately a blob of jam has been spilt in the kitchen which attracts naughty flying ants !!  William to the rescue.

Can You Name These Main Characters?

Shadow on Concrete Wall

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