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            Series 2 Book 1
The Sockeater & the New Baby
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During The Covid-19  pandemic I donated 300,000 Insideouters books to 100,000 Schools worldwide by email. In May 2022 I  donated a free basic eCookbook to foodbanks throughout the U.K. 

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The Insideouters and their friend Mr. Sockeater live in Mrs. Ledbetter's washing machine at No 4 Whitewash Road. The Insideouters comprise Mr. Inside, Mrs. Outer and their children Fluff and Lint and of course Mr. Sockeater. The Ledbetter's  have two children, Daisy aged 5 and the sometimes naughty Tom aged 6 and three quarters. Daisy and Tom have a lazy cat called Jess. Read all about their exciting adventures. In the Children's series of the decade!! 

Join The Insideouters In Their Adventures.

The Insideouters

The new #1 Bestseller for Children
The Insideouters Series 1 -   No's 1 to 10
Read & Available Worldwide !!
U.K, USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, China, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Many More Countries.
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No 1. Fluff has a Birthday Party.

​In this first short story Fluff has a birthday party, which leads Mr. Inside

and the Sockeater into some mishaps while they prepare for the Party.

Fluff invites her friends from School but is not happy having to invite

some noisy boys.

Fluff has a best friend called Hem who gets lost during a party game of

hide and seek. Hem's mother Mrs. Skirt who is helping Mrs. Outside with

the party, gets very upset when her daughter goes missing. Where has Hem gone? Will the Insideouters find Hem in time? Will Hem be alright?

No 2.  Mr. Ledbetter Plays Golf.

​One very blustery day Mr. Ledbetter prepares to play golf but has an

accident with his breakfast egg which goes all over his best golf jumper which now needs washing. Mrs. Ledbetter washes the jumper putting stain remover in the wash. The Sockeater invites the Insideouters to join him for

a spin in the wash just at the wrong time. The stain remover begins to make the Insideouters disappear. Can the Insideouters be saved? Who will save them? What will happen to the sockeater? Are the Insideouters lost forever?

No 3.  The Sockeater Turns Yellow.

​In this third short story the greedy Sockeater will not listen to his friends

and turns yellow after eating a sock with a fresh yellow stain upon it. How does the sockeater turn Yellow? Can his friends help him? Will the

Sockeater now be yellow forever?

No 4. The Insideouters Take a Holiday.

​The Insideouters take a holiday and visit Mrs. Outer’s cousins Mr. & Mrs. Bobble who live in the tumble dryer at the other end of Mrs. Ledbetter's enormous Kitchen. The Insideouters must make the sometimes perilous journey across the kitchen floor at night. Once Jess the cat has been put outside for the night they must walk past ‘General Waste’ the huge black kitchen bin towering over the back door mat.


The Sockeater is convinced such an important General is sure to have an army of soldiers ready to spring into action as people walk past. The

holiday and journey are full of excitement and danger for the Insideouters.  When you are smaller than the smallest thing you can imagine, even the smallest of insect or breeze from under a door can create an adventure.

No 5. Lint & the Horrible Bubble Gum.

​Book 5 in the series has Lint being sucked down into the washing machine drain to be lost forever just as his uncle Stitch was many years ago. Tom leaves some horrible bubble gum in the pockets of his shorts and Lint becomes stuck and cannot get back to the door seal before the drain cycle begins.

Mr. Inside and the Sockeater have to swing into action in a race against

time in an attempt to save Lint from a fate worth than death. Will Mr.

Inside and the Sockeater get to Lint on time? Will they save Lint from

being sucked down the drain?

No 6. Bart the Bully.

​Fluff and Lint meet a new boy at school, Bart the Bully, who can be a bad boy.  Bart begins to bully Fluff, Lint and their friends. After speaking to

Mr. Inside and the Sockeater, Fluff and Lint hatch an idea to teach Bart a lesson. They carry their plan out which makes all their class laugh at Bart, but Mrs. Outer is not happy with Fluff and Lint. What was the plan?  Why

is Mrs. Outer not happy about the plan? Are Mr. Inside, the Sockeater,

Fluff and Lint in trouble?

No 7. Roger the Repair Man.

​Roger the Repair Man is the seventh book in the first series of the Insideouters. The Insideouters and the sockeater prepare to abandon their home. As the washing machine has broken down and will not work if the washing machine cannot be repaired then the Insideouters will have to

leave their home before it is taken away for scrap where will they go and live?  Perhaps with Mrs. Outer's cousins Mr. and Mrs. Bobble in the tumble dryer at the other side of Mrs. Ledbetter's enormous kitchen.

Mr. Inside knows that in today’s modern kitchen very few appliances are repaired they are made to throw away. As the Insideouters begin to panic

and prepare to leave their beautiful washing machine, Mrs. Ledbetter calls for Roger the repair man. Can Roger fix the washing machine? Or will the Insideouters lose their home? Read on.

No 8.  Mrs. Ledbetter Leaves The Iron Out


On a blustery morning Mrs. Ledbetter is in a rush and leaves the iron out which leads the Insideouters to an adventure climbing up the iron's cord to the work surface above the washing machine. Oh no! There is trouble ahead and the Insideouters are in danger. Will they make it back to the safety of the washing machine? Read on.


No 9.  Peter The Penguin Saves The Day.


Peter the Penguin is a swimming pool repair penguin and he has been given the job of fixing Mr and Mrs Bobble’s pool at the bottom of the tumble dryer. Peter gets lost on his way to the tumble dryer and knocks on the Insideouters front door. They become good friends and go for a spin in the washing machine, but danger lurks on a fast spin and someone is in trouble. Can Peter save the day?


No 10.  William the Gentle Wasp.

William is a gentle Wasp. Today he is very upset as when flying around the Ledbetter's Kitchen Mr. Ledbetter tried to hit him with a rolled up newspaper. So William hides in the washing machine where he is found by the Insideouters. William accompanies them on a kitchen adventure. Unfortunately a blob of jam has been spilt in the kitchen which attracts naughty flying ants !!  William to the rescue.

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Who ARE the

The Insideouters and their friend Mr. Sockeater live in Mr. and Mrs. Ledbetter's washing machine at No 4 Whitewash Road. There is Mr. Inside, Mrs. Outer and their children Fluff and Lint and of course Mr. Sockeater.


The Ledbetter's also have two children, Daisy aged 5 and the sometimes naughty Tom aged 6 and three quarters. Daisy and Tom have a lazy cat called Jess.

The Insideouters and Mr. Sockeater are very difficult to see, as they are smaller than the smallest thing that you can imagine and they live in the door seal of the washing machine. If you do see them you can almost see right through them!!!

There is nothing  the Insideouters enjoy more than pulling the washing inside out with their enormously  long arms, and then taking a spin,  squealing  in delight at the top of their voices “ Yum Yum Spin My Tum”   and there is nothing more the Sockeater enjoys than nibbling at a freshly washed cotton sock.

Now Mrs. Ledbetter knows the Insideouters live in the washing machine because every time she takes her washing out of the machine some of it is Inside out   and every now and then a sock goes missing or comes out of the machine with a little hole in it.


At night when it goes dark Mrs. Ledbetter sometimes leaves the washing machine door open and when all is quite in the kitchen, the Insideouters occasionally  climb out of the washing machine, and yes you’ve guessed it, look for clothes to turn inside out.

White wash, colour wash, delicates, cottons, low temperature and   woollen wash, the Insideouters love them all!!!!   

                          Join them on their Adventures.

Can You Name These Main Characters?

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